Auto Repair In Placerville

Repairs are annoying and inconvenient to anyone, we try our best to maintain all of our clients vehicles so that we keep unexpected repairs to a minimum.

That said, sometimes parts do simply fail, and that is when repairs are needed.

We, at Main Street Auto Repair of Placerville, CA understand that having a failure in your vehicle was not part of your plans, and we work tirelessly to get your vehicle back in running order as soon as possible.

The most important step in any repair is proper diagnosis. Many shops simply replace the part that has failed and do not take the time to identify why it failed. Other components in the system may not be working as designed putting undue stress on other parts causing them to fail prematurely. If this problem is not found and repaired, additional inconvenience and cost is often the result.

Our ASE Certified technicians here at Main Street Auto Repair of Placerville, CA have been specifically trained in Root-Cause Diagnostics to find the real source of the problem, and not just to slap a band-aid over it. It is this process that really sets Main Street Auto apart from the rest.

Posted by admin on January 9, 2018